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The Golden Great Nut Hunt

Welcome to the Golden Great Nut Hunt. The People's Trust for Endangered Species, along with Natural England, is launching the third Great Nut Hunt to find out more about where dormice are across the country. Hazel nuts, where available, are a favourite food of the dormouse. And luckily for us dormice leave distinctive tooth marks when they gnaw into the green hazel nuts, before eating the kernel and discarding the shell to fall to the forest floor. Thousands of volunteers took part in the first two nut hunts of 1993 and 2001, sending in hazel nuts from over 2,000 sites and helping to identify almost 500 woodlands that had dormice present across England and Wales. Now we would like you to get out into the woods again and help us find more nibbled nuts this autumn and winter.

In celebration of the third Great Nut Hunt, we have 21 silver and gold hazel nuts to give away. The names of all participants in the Golden Great Nut Hunt will be put into a prize draw.

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