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national otter survey

During 2009 and for the early part of 2010 PTES part funded the Environment Agency to undertake a fifth national survey of otters in England, repeating and extending the coverage of previous national surveys. Thank you to everyone who sent in their records.

Click here to download the full report. To request a free hard copy please email (p&p costs apply).

You can still send in sightings for a current project being undertaken by researchers at the University of Oxford. Read more about this camera trapping project on our grants pages. Please send in your images as jpegs, plus details of where and when the photo was taken to

about otters

The otter, Lutra lutra , is a near threatened, UK BAP priority species which suffered a significant decline in the late 1950’s to the late 1970’s. Recovery has been slow but the most recent national otter survey has shown otters are now present in all English counties, including Kent and Sussex.

recent sightings

Stephen Powles, a vet in rural Mid Devon, spends much of his time taking photographs of challenging subjects by remote techniques. He has sent us these videos and images of otters in a local stream. Stephen is keen to share his findings with anyone researching otters, tawny owls or hornets.

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