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This week People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) releases the tenth anniversary edition of their annual research and conservation report, the State of Britain’s Mammals. The release of the report coincides with an impressive milestone that celebrates £1million that the Trust has raised and awarded over the last ten years towards the conservation of mammals in the UK.

wildcat The report, in collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit at the University of Oxford, focuses on how our mammal species have fared over the past ten years – looking in particular at whether targets set for them have been met.

State of Britain’s Mammals shows that while four of the mammals listed in the mid 1990s – otters, water voles, pipistrelles and greater horseshoe bats – have achieved, or in some cases, even more remarkably, exceeded their targets; some species have been added to the list and are still declining, including some of the most endangered species: red squirrels, Scottish wildcats, mountain hares, harvest mice, hazel dormice, and in rural areas, hedgehogs.

badger The report also looks at conflict with invasive species, the problem of diseases and examines reintroduction programmes and environmental management schemes.

Jill Nelson, CEO of PTES comments: “Whilst we are celebrating the £1million that has benefited endangered British mammals such as the hazel dormouse and water vole, we cannot be complacent about the ongoing threats to our wildlife. At PTES, we hope to bring about positive change for our threatened wildlife and natural environment, but this year’s retrospective edition of the State of Britain’s Mammals highlights that there is still more that we can do in the future to help.”

(Main photo credit: red squirrel by Veronica Carter)

Posted on 23rd September, 2011, updated on 2nd November, 2011

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