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    • we are the Hedgehog Champions!
      Hedgehog Street is celebrating its third anniversary by reaching a landmark figure of 30,000 volunteers, at a time when hedgehogs need more help than ever. We launched Hedgehog Street, with … read more
    • who are your wild neighbours?
      PTES are looking for volunteers to take part in a citizen science safari and tell us who their wild neighbours are. Our annual Living with Mammals survey asks people nationwide to record … read more
    • APPEAL: save dormice today
      Our endangered hazel dormice are hanging on in isolated areas but remain at great risk of local extinction. You can help save them today by donating to our latest appeal. Half the ancient … read more
    • sign up for our e-newsletter
      Keep up to date with all the latest wildlife news, ways to get involved, exclusive events and discounts through our free e-newsletter. Click here to sign up to get the latest People’s Trust … read more
    • Hedgehog St show garden revealed
      This summer the world’s largest annual flower show will be putting Hedgehog Street on the map. Along with our partners at British Hedgehog Preservation Society we are pleased to announce … read more
    • cull 'ineffective and inhumane'
      An independent review of last year’s badger culls has concluded the pilots were not effective and failed to meet humaneness criteria. When the badger cull plans were announced, PTES … read more
    • John Vincent Weir tribute
      PTES staff and trustees were saddened to hear of the death of the Honourable (John) Vincent Weir, founder of The Vincent Wildlife Trust, with which the Trust has worked closely with for many years. … read more
    • cheetahs at the World Cup
      The Asiatic cheetah is to feature on the official jersey of the Iran football team for the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Our partner Morteza Eslami, CEO at Iranian Cheetah Society, reported … read more
    • hibernation survey 2014
      Can you help us find out if the weather affecting our native hedgehogs? In partnership with British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) we are running the third Hibernation Survey to help … read more
    • APPEAL: save hedgehogs today
      We were appalled when our report revealed that hedgehogs have declined by a third in the UK over the last ten years, and by as much as half in some regions. If the situation doesn’t improve … read more
    • support us with ethical insurance
      PTES has partnered with Bright Wave Insurance giving you another easy way to support our conservation work. Unlike traditional insurance companies Bright Wave were set up to give something back. … read more
    • rare insects blossom at our orchard
      2013 proved a successful year for a variety of special insects living at the PTES orchard reserve in Worcestershire. A survey of the dead wood loving or ‘saproxylic’ invertebrates of … read more
    • kids club together to save saigas
      A PTES funded project is uniting children from Kazakhstan across Uzbekistan, Russia and into Mongolia to save one of the fastest declining mammal species on our planet today. The saiga antelope … read more
    • how did mammals fare in 2013?
      As 2013 draws to a close we can reveal how the mammals in our towns and cities fared as the results from our Living with Mammals survey are in. The number of hedgehog records continue a downward … read more
    • tagged turtle's epic migration
      A green turtle wearing a PTES funded tag has made her first migration and has just arrived in Panama after migrating across the Caribbean Sea. Click here to track Karman live Dr. Peter … read more
    • good links key for hedgehogs
      A new study reveals the importance of habitat connectivity in securing hedgehog survival. A study commissioned by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES), in conjunction with the … read more
    • state of British orchards report
      A report released today by People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) reveals that over a third of traditionally managed orchard identified in Wales are neglected or threatened, and only 7% are … read more
    • save Malaysian big cats today
      Help stop the imminent extinction of three big cat species in Malaysia. We have identified a crucial but threatened narrow corridor of unprotected land on the Malaysian peninsular – home to … read more
    • autumn hedgehog A-Z guide
      Autumn is a busy time in the garden for wildlife, as hibernating creatures such as hedgehogs prepare for the winter months ahead. People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) and British Hedgehog … read more
    • new tender for UK fruit collection
      The government announced this week the details of the new managment contract for the UK’s National Fruit Collection. Defra have released the new tender document to curate 3500 cultivars … read more

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