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People’s Trust for Endangered Species produces a number of publications for supporters and the general public throughout the year. Below are a few examples to download. If you are interested in receiving regular updates or would like a paper copy of any of the publications please contact us.

wildlife world

This magazine replaces Mammals UK and PTES news, and is sent to supporters twice a year. Sign up today to get the next issue due out in Spring 2014. Click here to view past issues.

the dormouse monitor magazine and other dormouse information

This specialist magazine is produced for people who monitor a hazel dormouse site or have a particular interest in dormice. Click here to see past issues and other dormouse publications.

mammals UK magazine

Mammals UK was our quarterly magazine that was sent out to supporters who donate to support British mammal conservation. Click here to view past issues. This has now been replaced by Wildlife World.

state of britain’s mammals review

This annual report is produced for the Trust by the University of Oxford, Department of Zoology’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) and provides an overview of research carried out by wildlife and conservation experts across the country. View current and past reports by clicking on the links below. Also available on our online shop.

state of britain’s hedgehogs review

annual reports

state of nature 2013

PTES was one of 25 contributing partners that undertook a health check of nature in the UK and its Overseas Territories.


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