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noble chafer beetles

The noble chafer (Gnorimus nobilis) is a metallic bronzy green beetle about 2 cm long. The adult beetle feeds on nectar from white flowers, such as hogweed or elder, on sunny days in July and August. Its larvae live inside old decaying fruit trees in traditional orchards where they take two or three years to develop into adult beetles. As orchards were modernised, the old traditionally managed ones became progressively less economic and were grubbed out and not replaced. Noble chafers are just one species which has been affected by this dramatic change to our landscape.

The noble chafer is classified as vulnerable throughout the UK, which means that it is facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild. Despite this, it does not receive any statutory protection under UK legislation.

Click here to download a noble chafer fact sheet. Also available in Welsh.

how you can help

If you would like to help us look for the noble chafer in traditional orchards please contact

We are especailly interested in records in the New Forest area- click here to find out more.

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